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Saxon Math 76

Student Textbook

  • NEW! Customized for homeschooling
  • NEW! Investigations and an Illustrated Glossary
  • 120 Lessons. Each daily lesson includes warm-up activities, teaching of the new concept, and practice of new and previous material.
  • NEW! Two-color format
  • 744 pages

Tests and Worksheets Booklet

  • Testing schedule and 23 cumulative Tests
  • NEW! Worksheets for one student for one year, including Facts Practice Tests and Activity Sheets
  • NEW! Various Recording Forms for tracking your child's progress on assignments and tests

Solutions Manual

  • NEW! Full step-by-step solutions to all Lesson and Investigation problems
  • NEW! Full step-by-step solutions to the 23 cumulative Tests
  • NEW! Answers to Supplemental Practice Problems and Facts Practice problems
Suggested for use in Grade 6

Saxon Homeschool Math 76, SAXON MATH 76, Third Edition (2005 copyright), Soft Cover, 2 Color Work-Text

Saxon Math 76 is one of the best selling and most popular math programs on the market today. Saxon Math 76 systematically distributes instruction, practice, and assessment throughout the academic year. Most math programs typically concentrate, focus, or mass, related concepts into a short period of time--usually within a unit or chapter. Saxon Math's unique approach to math instruction ensures that students not only gain but also retain essential math skills.

Saxon Math 76 reinforces the basic mathematical concepts and skills that students learned in Saxon Math 54 and Saxon Math 65. Geometry courses are introduced and continually practiced. Daily mental math and problem-solving exercises enhance students' skills and increase their mathematical power.

Saxon Math 76 introduces new concepts your student will need for upper-level algebra and geometry. After every tenth lesson is an investigation - an extensive examination of a specific math topic, discussed at length to ensure solid understanding. Saxon Math 76 helps improve preparation for high school math by introducing concepts your student will need for upper-level algebra and geometry, including circumference and pi, angles, coordinate graphing, and prime factorization. Saxon Math 76 continues to build foundational concepts and critical thinking skills thru daily lessons structured with continual practice and assessment.

Saxon Math 76 is made up of five instructional components:

1) Facts Practice

2) Mental Math and Problem Solving;

3) Daily Lesson

4) Daily Practice and Problem Solving;

5) Cumulative Tests.

Investigations, which are activity-based variations of the Daily Lessons, are distributed throughout the text.

In Math 76, students will learn; to simplify expressions containing parentheses, to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers, to work with exponents, square roots, geometric, formulas ratios percents fractions mixed numbers decimals

Saxon Math 76 new enhancements include; Step-by-step solutions to: problems, problem solving exercises, investigations, facts practice, activities & tests. Additional features are; improved math content, consumable facts practice and activity worksheets, progress tracking forms, softbound, 2-color layout and fresh colorful covers.

Everything you need for a full level of Saxon Math!

The Saxon Math 76 Homeschool Kit includes three components:

1. Student Textbook with 120 lessons, each with 4 parts.

2. Solutions Manual containing solutions & answers.

3. Tests and Worksheets (consumable) - Facts Practice Tests, Investigations and Tests.

Activity Sheets Tests, & Progress Recording Forms

Kit Includes:

-The softcover worktext

-A full size workbook containing master pages to support some lesson activities

-Tests for the complete course

-A complete book of answers to all the tests

-The practice sets in the text book.


-Solutions Manual

Note: *Old edition materials cannot be used with the new edition series.

Saxon Math 76, Home Study Kit

The Homeschool Kit consists of:

Homeschool Student Edition

Homeschool Tests and Worksheets

Homeschool Solutions Manual

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