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Saxon Math Manipulatives
Saxon Math K - 3

All Saxon Homeschool Math programs for Kindergarten 3rd Grade require the use of manipulatives.

Manipulatives are extremely helpful to ingrain the concepts and knowledge of basic math skills especially for the visual and hands-on learner. Saxon Manipulative kits include necessary materials utilized with the Saxon Homeschool Math K 3 programs.

It is not necessary to purchase a new Saxon Manipulative kit each year as the Saxon Math Manipulatives Kit offered by the Homeschool Supercenter works well with all K-3 levels.

Saxon Manipulative kits help students to apply what they have learned with hands-on play.

Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives are a crucial element in the primary Saxon Math program levels for learning the fundamentals and key elements of basic mathematics.

Saxon Mathematics Homeschool Manipulative Kit is an integral part of your Homeschool Math program used in all Saxon Math K-3 programs, and includes a convenient plastic storage container.

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