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Now that the school year is in full swing are you considering homeschooling your child?

Homeschool Supercenter offers many homeschool packages, curriculum packages, and homeschooling packages. We offer both economy homeschool packages as well as standard and deluxe homeschool curriculum packages.

Consider many things when evaluating materials for homeschooling:

Is your little girl a social butterfly who's into clothes, fashion and what her friends are wearing and not into school work? Does your son enjoy being the center of attention, the class clown or family clown, and will do anything for a laugh?Does he or she finish all assignments before the bell rings or day ends and rarely has homework? Does he or she easily completes any assignment given with little to no effort on his or her part? Do you feel like you’re not sure what your child's school is teaching or what they’re not teaching - if they’re learning? Do you feel disconnected from you child’s academic education?

Many families already utilize our or another company's materials for homeschooling but aren't sure their home school student is getting everything they need for a well-rounded education. Then consider "Spectrum" brand workbooks by McGraw Hill, yes, McGraw Hill, infamous for traditional school books, textbooks and learning materials.

If your child needs an extra boost, something to finish out the school year or fill in the gaps, consider purchasing one of our SPECTRUM supplemental curriculum packages. These homeschool workbook packages are value based costing far less than traditional textbooks and are great for filling in the gaps, making sure they are getting it, or reassurance that you know what they should be covering is being studied. Spectrum workbooks by McGraw Hill contain a little of just about every topic which should be covered in a given school year. Granted, these workbooks don't go into great detail about each topic or cover every single topic required, but for a well-rounded introduction to a plethora of subjects and topics within each subject then Spectrum curriculum products fit the bill.

Many families have written us and told us how much they appreciate the quick hitting lessons and workbook style utilized in the Spectrum Series of wrokbooks making learning interesting and fun. They're great for taking with you on vacations or for a day trip to the local park to take in some plant life while on your homeschool field trip, as they are small, soft-cover workbooks with space in many of the work books to write in answers.

On occasion a family wishes to take a break from their traditional homeschool day of studies and that's where Spectrum Curriculum Packages perfectly fit their needs.

One parent wrote: "we took the entire weekend, from Friday to Monday to go Christmas shopping and visiting relatives, staying overnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia. We took some of the kids Spectrum books with us. They were ideal to use while traveling in the car and we were able to show our relatives the kind of work the kids were doing in their homeschooling endeavors. Thank you Homeschool Supercenter for introducing me to te Spectrum Series."

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